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Telescopic Sink Rack

Telescopic Sink Rack

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 This Adjustable Sink Rack highlights a basic plan that can effortlessly fit sinks of distinctive sizes. It's prescribed for sinks with a length between 9.4 and 15.7 inches (23.5 to 40cm). Introducing the rack is hassle-free and doesn't require penetrating or punching, making it simple to dismantle and clean without harming your sink. The buckle establishment too guarantees soundness without shaking.

Additionally, the rack comes with a towel bar that can be utilized to dry towels and other textures. This highlight is particularly valuable for keeping moist clothes dry, ventilated, clean, and sterile without creating any impossible-to-miss smells. The adaptive sink rack kitchen doesn't take up much space, making it a perfect device for the kitchen. The adjustable sink capacity can hold wipes, cleaning brushes, and cleanser fluid, whereas the towel bar can hold towels and other textures.

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