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stretch silicone lids

stretch silicone lids

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 The handling of extended silicone tops for bowls and nourishment is quick; fold effortlessly to require up less drawer space, stack within the ice chest to dodge muddled spills, and Utilize specifically to store scraps without exchanging them for other holders. It has both binding confirmation and odor properties

You'll put the silicone case within the cooler and indeed within the microwave and dishwasher. These blankets are both cold and hot (-20 F to 450 F), NOTE. Once you put the broiler on, make beyond any doubt the top isn't firmly closed since weight builds up from the stove. warm can cause damage.

Your security is our, to begin with, need, we have guaranteed that the silicone extend tops covers are non-toxic, These silicone covers supplant cling film and aluminum thwart. You'll utilize these eco-friendly covers without stressing almost the well-being of you and your family

These adaptable tops fit numerous bowls, glasses, containers, juices, and split natural products; awesome for keeping nourishment new until you get it 


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