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Stretch Lids

Stretch Lids

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silicone lids for bowls and food covers handling is all quick; easily foldable to take less space in drawer, stackable in fridge avoid messy spills, Use directly to store leftover without being transfer them to other pots. Have both Leak proof and odor proof traits

Feel free to put silicone wrap in freezer and even in microwave and dishwasher These lids are resistant to both cold and heat (-20F up to 450F), NOTE: While placing in oven make sure lid is not tightly sealed because the pressure builds up from heat may cause damage.

Your safety is our top priority, We have made sure silicone covers are fully non-toxic, These silicon stretch lid covers do an excellent job of replacing plastic wrap and aluminum foil, You can use these eco lids without getting worried of your and yours family health

 These flexible lids can fit over many type of bowls, cups, jars, juices and on half cut fruits; perfect for keeping food fresh until you

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