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Range Spatula Hood

Range Spatula Hood

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Product information:

Material: stainless steel + PP
Color: black, red
Style: straight, inclined
Size: 17.5x4cm (straight), 17x4cm (inclined)
Product weight: 64g


It can be used to clean the ice and frost in the refrigerator, scrape the stubborn dirt at the bottom of the pot, clean the gap, clean the oil stain on the stove, and remove the small advertisements, stickers, hooks on the wall or on the ground.
Stainless steel spatula scraper, it is tough enough to remove all kinds of stubborn dirt.
Round spatula scraper, it's not easy to scratch the refrigerator, safe to use.
Available in straight and angled scraper, suitable for different angles and cleaning needs.

Packing list:

1x Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaning Spatula

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