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Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer

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High-quality steel wire
The cutting steel wire is made of high-quality stainless steel wire, which is firmly connected to the appliance, sharp and durable.
Tough and durable
The main body is made of high-quality ABS resin material, which is tough and not easily deformed and easy to clean.
Groove card
There is a special anti-slip groove on the main body of the luncheon meat cutting, which can firmly hold the luncheon meat when in use, making it more stable and practical.

The slicer can slice the food without the need for a knife, and the distance between the wires is even, and the thickness of the slices is consistent.

The plastic ABS is used as the base, and 304 stainless steel wire is used as the cutting tool, which is strong and light. It is easy to use, just put the food on the base, then press the top cover with 10 steel wires, and cut the food to slices, strips or dice according to your needs.

 The slicer can be used to cut spam, ham, luncheon meat, sausage, cheese, boiled eggs, cucumber, strawberries, bananas for vegetable and fruit salad etc. It can save a lot of time in cutting and preparing ingredients. It is suitable for housewives, and people who love cooking.
The slicer is not easy to deform and easy to clean. It can be gently wiped or rinsed with water, and it can also be washed in a dishwasher, which is very user-friendly.
Most slicers out there feature 10 wires that are usually flimsy and produce ugly, uneven slices. The slicer gives you 11 sturdy, rust-resistant wires that produce flawless and even, thin slices of about 0.25 in (6.5mm) thickness. And it’s so easy to use! Simply place the food item in place and push down the bar until completely sliced. You’ll love our slicer so much, that you will want to eat everything in slices!

Product Details:

Size: 22x12.5x5cm
Material: 304 tangent + 430 frame + ABS
Application: evenly cut lunch meat

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Package Contents:
ABS Slicer X1

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