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Manual Juice Squeezer

Manual Juice Squeezer

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Do not you pull enough juice from your limes, lemons, oranges or other fruits? Do you take seeds in your juice? This juicer maximizes the yield of limes and lemons.
Do you have to use a reamer, colander or manually remove the pulp and seeds from your juice or cocktail?
Introducing the perfectly sized 2-in-1 manual juicer that fits your needs!
Gets every last drop of lemons, limes and small oranges.
Relieves your hands from the pressure of the fruits manually.
Easily stored in a utensil drawer.
Keep the seeds and pulp out of your cup without a separate colander.
Cleans in seconds or can be washed in the dishwasher.

Material: metal
Color: as shown
Size: as shown
Weight: about 65g or 295g

Package Content:
1 x Fruit Squeezer

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